Mr. Button's


But like, inside Notion.

because sometimes you just need a big beautiful button inside your Notion page.

see a heckin' example on a real notion page below:
Buttons – in notion.

Simple — make a button, embed that button.

These are just good ol' fashioned links, straightforward & easy, that you can drop in your Notion doc to make some calls-to-action when you need 'em.

Fur now, style your buttons with the very flexible & easy Tailwind framework — if this blows up, we'll add in other options to customize, like custom CSS and/or a pre-built copyable Button Gallery™.

But either way — we host 'em for you, on our super-fast network, so they'll be speedy, long-lasting, and beautiful for as long as we're around.

If you like it and wanna upgrade to unlimited buttons + removing the beautiful subtle branding on the free button, upgrading is only $19/year.

That's it, that's the app.

Get your first button free!(courtesy of the cat)
App screenshot